About HorizonFacility.com

HorizonFacility.com is a facility and events scheduling software system that was created by Facility Managers and Events Coordinators to solve many of the confusing issues and to fill all the gaps in existing online scheduling systems.  Facility Managers, Events Coordinators and their customers will love the ease of use and full range of features included with this system.  They will love the ability to visit a single location to get all their event information, and manage various buildings and locations.

Our team is dedicated to creating the full scheduling experience.  We want everything to be right at your fingertips.  So if you need it ask, and we'll build it.  Facility Managers across the country agree that a system that can adapt to your changing needs is key to their success and ease of managing their facility.

We are the only company offering this type of service to give you a system that will cater to your every need at a fraction of the cost to have something custom build for your organization.  Your system can be up and running within MINUTES!  And stop worrying about organizing spreadsheets, email lists, contact information, and lost invoices.  Its all here !

Come see what facility managers are calling "the most comprehensive and affordable scheduling system today!"

Facility Managers internationally are praising HorizonFacility.com for finally producing a fully comprehensive online scheduling and management software program for events coordinators in any industry.

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